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Additional Services

Personal Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance Program

Do you need to defend yourself and your rights in court? Some insurers will cover professional fees of your choosing up to $5,000 per lawsuit and $10,000 per insurance period if you meet the requirements. Covered areas of expertise include:

  • Consumer rights
  • Individual workplace conflicts
  • Bodily harm or property damage
  • Property and home
  • Income security

Accident insurance plan

We can help you benefit from this great add-on to your home or auto insurance policy at a reasonable cost. The accident insurance plan will cover you, your spouse, and your dependent children 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, if there is an accident at home, at work, or anywhere in between, including when you’re traveling.

Two-year Insurance Policy

We can arrange a two-year policy with all the following advantages:

  • A guarantee that your premiums will not be raised for the next two years
  • A premium spread over 24 months with no fees or interest
  • An age discount one year earlier
  • An anti-theft system free to owners of certain car makes

« Umbrella » Program

You can improve and increase your coverage for just a few extra dollars a year. The Umbrella Program offers the following advantages:

In the case of personal insurance (auto insurance policy), you can double the death benefit, dismemberment benefit, and medical fee amounts you are entitled to.

We also boost the basic civil liability coverage that comes with your auto, home, or boat insurance an attractive benefit!. This endorsement covers more risks and gives you an additional insurance amount of up to $5 million.


Did you know that there is a program specifically tailored to your needs?

With this program, your insurance policy covers commercial property, civil liability, and any losses due to business interruption. It offers various coverage options you may need, depending on your line of business:

  • Accounts receivable insurance
  • Valuable papers and records insurance
  • Insurance for property entrusted to representatives
  • Exhibition insurance
  • Limits increased depending on type

Having trouble getting insurance following an incident? We understand your situation and will take the time to assess your file and find an insurer who will consider your application.

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