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Our Story

In 1898, Henri Marcil opened an insurance firm on Rue Saint-Jacques in Montreal. Then in 1904, he founded La Foncière, an insurance company that offered personal and commercial insurance.

In 1929, Arcade Racine, who worked for the insurance company Équitable, met Henri Marcil, whose business was booming. The two became partners, and he set to work promoting their firm. Their office was located at 70 Rue Saint-Jacques, currently home to the Montreal courthouse. At the time, most insurance companies had offices at 276 Saint-Jacques, the Insurance Exchange Building.

Construction of the new courthouse at its current location forced the company to move in 1963. The partners set up shop at 1501 Rue Everett, where they served their clients for nearly 40 years. In the 1960s, Arcade Racine and Jean-Paul Chamberland became partners, and the firm changed its name to Racine & Chamberland.

The company has since relocated to 4001 Boulevard de Crémazie Est, where it proudly continues its operations today.

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