Racine & Chamberland – Car, Motorcycle and VTT

Car, Motorcycle and VTT

Racine & Chamberland offers insurance coverage and a financing plan so you can lease your vehicle and drive with total peace of mind.

Our seasoned team can give you an insurance quote in just a few minutes.

We’re also available weekday evenings until 8 p.m.

Who the program is for?

This program is designed for vehicle owners who cannot get insured in the standard insurance market. No client is denied.

  • Driving record with multiple demerit points
  • Criminal driving record
  • Long history of claims
  • First vehicle, inexperienced driver
  • Poor credit
  • Clients with a limited budget (payments spread out over a 12-month period with no down payment)

At Racine Chamberland, we have exclusive insurance solutions for you. Contact us today.

Specialized program

Download our information sheet (PDF)


For more information

Contact us now at 855 884-2814.

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