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Construction Industry

We offer excellent insurance and suretyship programs for contracting companies of all sizes.

Protect yourself from the many risks you could be exposed to talk to our advisors about the types of coverage available.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Protect your assets and property during construction with a specified perils plan (fire or theft) or an all risk plan.

  • Installation floater
  • Contractor’s equipment floater

Your Racine & Chamberland advisor would like to remind you that builder’s all risk insurance is a property insurance policy aimed at protecting property or items under construction. Civil liability insurance and professional liability insurance both cover the insured against damage to others during construction civil liability in the case of damage resulting from the insured’s negligence and professional liability should the insured be negligent in the performance of their job. Builder’s all risk insurance is usually taken out by the general contractor, the owner, the subcontractors, the suppliers, or the architects and engineers involved.

General Civil Liability Insurance

This individual or blanket insurance plan covers damage incurred by third parties and any physical injury or material harm you may be held responsible for.

Additional Civil Liability Insurance

  • Tenant’s civil liability insurance
  • Office contents insurance
  • Important documents and files insurance

Surety Bonds

Every day across Canada, contractors manage projects that require surety bonds. Contractors with a Racine & Chamberland surety bond receive the support of a financially sound company, quick and personalized service, and excellent advice.

We know how important surety bonds are to construction contractors, so our experienced team offers a range of bonds to make sure you are covered at all times during construction:

  • License and permit bonds
  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Holdback release bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Bonds with wrap-up liability insurance

Specialized program

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For more information

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