Racine & Chamberland – Specialized Insurance

Specialized Insurance

Commercial Insurance

At Racine & Chamberland, your advisor will recommend precisely the coverage you require for your needs. They will also suggest additional coverage options to protect you from potential losses that aren’t already covered.

Recall Insurance for Defective Products

We can cover the costs incurred from recalls on defective products or products shipped in error.

Legal Expenses Insurance

If a lawsuit is brought against you, the resulting fees and lost time could cause irreparable damage to your company.

Other Available Commercial Insurance Programs

  • IT insurance
  • Transportation risk insurance
  • Builder’s risk insurance
  • Restaurant and bar insurance
  • Crane operator insurance
  • Roofer’s insurance
  • Garage and body shop insurance
  • Church and place of worship insurance
  • Seniors’ residence insurance
  • School and college insurance
  • Property owner’s insurance
  • Construction insurance

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